INCLUDE is a 3-year Erasmus+ European project (2019-2022) coordinated by the National Research Council of Italy aimed at developing a communal European framework for Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in secondary school that promotes, besides linguistic and disciplinary competences, also key-competences for lifelong learning suggested by the European Council, with particular reference to the digital, personal and social, citizenship and cultural awareness competences. The mission of INCLUDE project focuses on: Multiliteracy: teachers and students will realize the increasing importance of cultural and linguistic diversity. Digital Literacy: enabling students to conduct research on the web or in physical space, to set strategies for research, to locate, manage and evaluate data. Communication: encouraging students to use English and other foreign languages in a functional and not in a mechanic/scholastic way. Collaboration: promoting team work and collaborative carrying out Creativity and Innovation: urging students to explore their imagination and creative minds. Autonomous Learning: teaching learners to design own pathway to process material and to decide upon which activities to perform in order to achieve the expected outcomes. “Europeanity”: adopting a European perspective in the approaches of the various subject areas.