This repository hosts more than 200 educational scenarios for lower and upper secondary school, created by teachers from 4 different European countries (Italy, Greece, Spain, Romania) within the European Erasmus plus projects INCLUDE - INtegrated Content and Language via a Unified Digital Environment and OLA – Open Learning for All.

INCLUDE is a 3-year Erasmus+ European project (2019-2022) coordinated by the National Research Council of Italy aimed at developing a communal European framework for Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in secondary school that promotes, besides linguistic and disciplinary competences, also key-competences for lifelong learning suggested by the European Council, with particular reference to the digital, personal and social, citizenship and cultural awareness competences.

On the basis of INCLUDE experience, OLA project exploits a similar perspective within the STEAM framework (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) to give an impetus to “Open Educational Resources” (OER) and “Open Educational Practices”, as an opportunity to reduce the digital divide in the European educational context, building a more inclusive society.

OLA partnership, integrating scientific research knowledge, expert know-how and real educational processes at school, aims at promoting OER development and diffusion by means of: MOOC courses for teachers; creation of guidelines about OER for teachers and editors; participative building of an open access online platform usable by teachers to develop and spread multimedia educational scenarios. More than 80 interdisciplinary scenarios related to STEAM subjects are being developed, 50 of which tested in the 5 partner countries: Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Romania and Spain.

A central issue transversal to the project is paying attention to recognizing stereotypes – starting from, but not limited to gender – and values implicitly conveyed by school textbooks and multimedia online resources, so as to promote a wider concept of “digital competences”, including not only strictly technological competences, but also the capability of using online platforms and information sources critically and responsibly, as a premise for exercising a conscious and informed citizenship.

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