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dc.descriptionIn this activity, students will learn about custom blocks and will create two blocks that will tell the robot to move a certain number of centimeters and turn a certain number of degrees. For this the students will also make the necessary transformations.en_US
dc.subjectInformation & Communication Technologies Computer Scienceen_US
dc.typedrill and practiceen_US
dc.schoolScoala Gimnaziala "Mircea Eliade"en_US
dc.moduleInformatics and ICTen_US
dc.unitSTEM Applicationsen_US
dc.keycompetencesDetailed Competences::2. Multilingual Competenceen_US
dc.keycompetencesDetailed Competences::3. Mathematical competence and competence in science, technology, engineeringen_US
dc.keycompetencesDetailed Competences::4. Digital Competenceen_US
dc.learningOutcomeAt the end of this activity, students will know/be able to: • use the right blocks to make the robot move forward, backwards, rotate left or right, move the accessories by controlling the large motors and the medium motor of the robot • create a useful My Block with different parameters for inputs and outputs • create 2 My Blocks: Move_Cm and Turn_Dg, with the following input parameters: centimeters, degrees, power. • use the blocks they have created and the Loop block in the Flow Control tab to solve the tasks • find the best strategy to place the marker on the robot so that it draw the outline of the shapes.en_US
dc.transversalSkillCreativity and Innovationen_US
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