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Title: Color in Science and Art
Authors: Palla, Eugenia E.
Kalogerakou, Cleopatra
Keywords: Visual Arts Education;Physics
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: INCLUDE
Description: An educational scenario on the nature of color, Isaac Newton’s experiment and the color spectrum. Students will see how and why we see color, a fundamental element of our visual perception. The two different color mixing systems are presented in detail: The one applied in light (RGB) and the one in painting (RYB), as long as phenomena such as afterimage and its use in art. Students will learn how artists of modern era used the properties of color to create groundbreaking artworks and how the illusion of Aerial Perspective can be easily achieved by the use of color. They will see how how colored images are created in digital means and in printing and will create their own paintings both using aerial perspective and the impressionistic color technique.
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